Ottawa County Warns Of Water-Covered Roads

Posted at 6:40 AM, Apr 19, 2013

Water over road sign 2GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — Water covered many roads in Ottawa County Friday morning, but only a few were officially closed.

While officials advised drivers to avoid driving through water, the list of closings from the Ottawa County Road Commissions was shorter than the list of water covered roads:

  • 104th Avenue between I-196 Business Loop and Chicago Drive, Zeeland
  • Paw Paw Drive at 104th Avenue
  • Alice Avenue east of 104th Avenue
  • 103rd Street north of Alice Avenue
  • Center Street south of Cleveland Street in Coopersville
  • 26th Avenue between Linden Drive and Winans Street
  • 14th Avenue between Lincoln Street and Leonard Street
  • 16th Avenue north and south of Hayes Street, Marne
  • Ironwood Drive between State Street and Hayes Street, Marne
  • Hayes Street east and west of 16th Avenue
  • Barry Street between 72nd Avenue and 64th Avenue

As of Thursday night, these Ottawa County roads were water covered, and officials were urging people to stay off them:

  • 104th Avenue south of Wilson Street
  • Taft Street north of 104th Avenue
  • Cleveland Street between 96th Avenue and 112th Avenue (also known as Old 16 east of 112th Avenue
  • 90th Avenue south of Leonard Street
  • 26th Avenue at Winans Street
  • Leonard Street between 104th Avenue and 112th Avenue

  • Johnson Street at 16th Avenue
  • Wilson Street west of 68th Avenue (culvert collapse)
  • 24th Avenue under I-96
  • Johnson Street at 16th Avenue
  • Linden Drive at Old M-45
  • Coolidge Street between 24th Avenue and 16th Avenue
  • 72nd Avenue at Business Loop 196
  • Ottawa Beach Road near the Ottawa Beach Inn
  • 84th Avenue south of Adams Street
  • Felch Street between 72n Avenue and  80th Avenue
  • 104th Avenue by Chicago Drive and M-121
  • 120th Avenue south of Riley Street
  • US 31 at New Holland Street
  • 12th Street & Lakewood Blvd
  • 76th Avenue and Bingham Street
  • Adams Street and  80th Avenue
  • M-121 at 48th Avenue
  • 48th Avenue north of New Holland Street
  • 12th Avenue north of Taylor Street
  • 28th Avenue between Baldwin Street  & Bauer Street
  • Quincy Street between 8th Avenue and Kenowa Avenue
  • Baldwin Street between 54th Avenue and 56th Avenue
  • 40th Avenue and New Holland Street