Ionia County Roads Closed Due To Flooding

Posted at 4:29 AM, Apr 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-19 09:31:26-04
04-18-13 Nickleplate Rd Ionia County flooding Luke Haskins

Nickleplate Road, Ionia County (Luke Haskins)

IONIA, Mich. — As of Friday morning, this roads were closed in Ionia County:

  • Grand River Drive between Jordan Lake and Ainsworth Road
  • Wager Road between the village of Lyons and Slade Road
  • Eaton Highway between Sunfield Highways and Shilton Road
  • Reeder Road between Lyons Road and Keefer Highway
  • Sunfield Highway between David Highway and Goodwin Road
  • Lyons Road between Keefer Highway and David Highway
  • Hall Road between Jefferson Road and M-66
  • Button Road between Montcalm Avenue and Bartonville Road
  • Montcalm Avenue between 4 Mile and 5 Mile
  • Marquette Road north of Parmeter Road
  • Van Vleck Road west of Powell Highway
  • Lincoln Avenue west of Wall Street
  • Hawley Highway south of Rickert Road
  • Darby Road south of Campbell Road
  • Bellamy Road between Lyle Road and Dildine Road
  • Ellison Road between Johnson Road Chickering Road
  • Bellamy Road at Bellamy Road
  • Hubbardston Road between Stoudt Road and French Road
  • Nickleplate Road between Hubbardston Road and Omara
  • Midway Road between Bell Road and Hastings Road
  • Elm Road between Brooks Road and Clarksville Road
  • Darby Road between Brooks Road and Clarksville Road


(Google map courtesy of Ryan Kelley)