Still Snowing In April

Posted at 5:09 PM, Apr 13, 2013

WEST MICHIGAN – In case you missed it today, we had some snow showers falling across parts of West Michigan as indicated in the attached viewer photo. The picture was snapped in Muskegon County in Twin Lake by Anna Knutson.

It certainly is not rare to get snow showers in April. It seems to happen more often than not. What becomes a bit more unusual is if the trend continues in to May. At least we’re not seeing record-breaking high temperatures this time of year! I’m sure that would create some nervous farmers with early budding and the possibility of frost killing everything off like last year.

Our current concern that continues to mount is of a flooding nature. There are several flood advisories in effect, but flood warnings mean rivers are at or above flood stage, or are forecast to exceed flood stage. The warnings we should take notice of are the following:

  1. The Grand River at Ionia  (Ionia County)
  2. The Grand River at Lowell  (Kent County)
  3. The Grand River at Comstock Park  (Kent County)
  4. The Grand River in Robinson Township  (Ottawa County)
  5. The Muskegon River near Croton  Newaygo County)

To get information on river levels at these locations or crest times and dates, click here. This page links directly to the Grand Rapids National Weather Service office hydrology page. For the complete West Michigan forecast, click over to