Winter Resurges Over The Past Week

Posted at 5:19 PM, Feb 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-04 17:19:06-05

At one time this season Grand Rapids was running a snow deficit of 30-plus inches, now its been cut to about a foot and a half with all the accumulating snow that occurred within the past week. Clearly, some areas have been hit harder than others…mainly our lakeshore counties.

While it seems like its been snowing all the time over the past week, Grand Rapids has only tallied about eight to 12 inches. But Wayland in Allegan County reported a four-day total to the National Weather Service of almost two feet. Snow plow drivers are staying quite busy trying to keep the main roads clear. The secondary streets and subdivisions are still snow-covered and slippery. In fact, some private snow removal drivers have been working overtime to get the job done. Mike Moore from DK Landscape says “a lot of the crew worked about 18 hours on Saturday and the snow is still coming down.”

Residents have certainly noticed the up-tick in snowfall the past several days…and along with it..the frigid temps with most readings hovering around 18 to 20 degrees. We will slowly climb out of the deep freeze as we head through this week. In fact, we may be looking at temps in the 40s with rain possible by late in the weekend. Unfortunately until that time, more accumulating snow is likely. Tuesday will bring another round of about one to three, perhaps two to four inches (with higher amounts especially north/west of GR).

Some snow piles in Wayland are about two stories high and most of the snow the past several days has been light and fluffy. That means totals tally fast, but it also compacts and settles quickly too. Luis Ibanez, an outside utility worker for Turnkey Network Solutions, says “it feels like good old Michigan again. Certainly last year didn’t feel like it and neither did this year up until right now.”

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