Group Will Continue to Push for City Manager’s Resignation

Posted at 10:28 PM, Feb 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-04 22:28:22-05

WYOMING, Mich.- A group pushing for the resignation of Wyoming City Manager Curtis Holt, publicly asked for it at Monday’s city council meeting. Catherine Kooyers, a concerned citizen, said it all started with a sinking sidewalk she noticed about 3 years ago outside of the Gezon Parkway Fire Station. Year after year, a promise to fix it went unanswered, causing her to dig even deeper into Holt. Her curiosity was raised even more, when she went for a tour of the 36th Street Fire Station and was appalled at the condition of the men’s equipment.

Kooyers said she decided right then that she wanted to be an advocate for them and wants to point out that they did not bring on the whole resignation movement. However, Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union got involved once Kooyers discovered that a federal S.A.F.E.R. Grant, that would have provided $1.5 million to help with improvements and possibly rehire firefighters laid off in 2005.

“Wyoming has too few fire fighters on duty, which puts their lives and the safety of the community at risk. Mr. Holt had an opportunity to remedy the situation, and he recklessly refused. He is not representing the best interests of the city, and we call for him to resign his position immediately.” a spokesperson for the union said.

After Kooyers made the first public comment, there was a mix of feelings, but mostly were very supportive of the city, Holt and their decision to do what they feel is best, financially for the city.

“Curtis has been the fourth city manager that I’ve had the opportunity to work for in my career and I find him of all of the city managers to be the most productive, most aggressive and conscientious city manager.” Paul McGuire said.

Holt walked away from the meeting feeling uplifted and confident.

“One thing I did hear is that I misuse money; again, the council makes all of the decisions on money we have an attorney to watch our charter.” Holt said.

He added that he feels it is inappropriate to say the decision to not go with the grant falls only on him.

“I’m pleased with the support. I’ll never call us perfect and do I think we have more work every day to be better? Absolutely.” He stated.

Kooyers said since it is apparent that Holt is not resigning, she said her group will regroup to plan the next step.