Powder Puff Wood Shop Class Gives Back

Posted at 9:08 PM, Dec 19, 2012

LAKEVIEW, Mich.- Every year, Mr. David Albert’s wood shop class at Lakeview High School handcrafts rocking toys to give away to 20 kids in the community  at Christmas. Not only are the designs always changing, but this year, so were the people holding the hammers and working the saws.

“This year’s class is our first all girl class and it’s a Powder Puff Wood Shop Class and basically what we’re doing with the class is breaking the stereotypes because if you take a look at these toys that they built, they are unbelievable.” Mr. Albert said.

“I’ve taken one in the past but it wasn’t as fun with all of the guys because it was male dominated and when all of my friends were like, yeah, let’s take it, I thought it would be fun.” Lakeview Senior Serena Johnson said.

The girls and Mr. Albert teamed up with Yamaha Motor Sports and came up with a motorcycle design.

“They start out and they are just long thin pieces of wood, I mean if you look at the body,  there’s probably  20 boards glued together for the body so they have to cut it on the table saw, they have to glue it together.” Albert added.

Wednesday night marked the big event for his class; Santa’s Wood Shop as its known was held to hand out their rocking pieces of art.

“I’m gonna ride to town!” little Emma McClellan said as she rocked away.

Mr. Albert said working with the all female class was awesome. “I love it, I’m telling you what, this is like one of the best classes I’ve ever had. It takes such a special class to run a Santa’s work shop anyways.”