November 2012…A Very Dry Month

Posted at 5:54 PM, Dec 02, 2012

As we enter into the month of December the statistics have been compiled for November. Whether it seemed like it or not, November was generally a normal/average month as far as temperatures were concerned. Our warmest temp occurred on the 11th with 71 degrees, while the coldest low was on the 27th at 20 degrees. If we add up all the high and low temperatures for the month and divide by 30, we get and average daily temp of 40.1 degrees…completely normal or average!

November 2012 will best be remembered for the lack of substantial moisture (rain or snow). In fact, it will go down in the record books as one of the top three driest for rainfall. We recorded only .49″ of liquid precipitation, while the average/normal is 3.51″…a deficit of more than three inches. On another note, we normally see about 6.8″ of snow during the month, and only tabulated .3″…running a 6.5″ deficit.

The record snowfall in Grand Rapids for November occurred back in 1951 with 26.9″. We did fare up OK on sunshine across much of the area. In a month that’s typically shrouded in cloudiness…mainly from lake-effect, we accumulated 43 percent of available sunshine. Two days were mostly sunny, 17 were partly cloudy, and 11 were cloudy.

We’ve already started December on a wet note with .25″ to .50″ of rain Saturday night into Sunday morning. Areas north/west of Grand Rapids reported thunderstorms and 1.8″ of rain in Hesperia in Oceana County, and over one inch in Mecosta County around Big Rapids. There’s more rain and perhaps a few more rumbles of thunder on the way for Monday evening and Monday night along a strong cold front. Get the complete West Michigan forecast at The attached photo was posted on my facebook page and is a snapshot of the Muskegon lighthouse and pier.