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It's looking more and more like a "green" Christmas

The entire nation looks to be above normal heading into Christmas
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Posted at 7:13 AM, Dec 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-13 04:42:18-05

WEST MICHIGAN - I haven't heard many Meteorologists talking about this, but I've been mentioning this on FOX 17 since last week. What is it? The Climate Prediction Center...a group of NOAA Meteorologists and Climatologists are forecasting a very high probability of "above normal" temperatures from December 20 through 26th.

Statistically, this is a big deal. Why? Because of the blizzard we had here in West Michigan last year, plus the fact that a 80 to 89 percent chance of above normal temperatures for the Great Lakes are odds that even Jimmy the Greek would love! That said, it doesn't mean all the days will be above our normal high in the middle 30s, but some of them will. It also likely means we're not just talking about a couple of degrees above normal, but likely at low perhaps mid/upper 40s.

Temperatures that warm would make it difficult to see accumulating snow, let alone something sticking and staying. That means a "green Christmas" for Michigan is looking more and more likely. Is it guaranteed? Nope...but odds are that snow is unlikely unless our forecast models are completely wrong. Remember this far out, we're looking more at trends, not necessarily specifics.

The image attached to this story shows lots of orange and red across the entire country. Again, probabilities are high that temperatures will remain above normal into Christmas and big winter storms may be difficult to get. Not to worry, Santa can simply change the sleigh blades to tires to complete the delivery of presents.

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