Saturday's winter storm will be rain for most

Snow will only pile-up in the northernmost areas
Posted at 9:01 AM, Dec 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-12 09:01:53-05

The much-anticipated winter storm is finally here, but the winter side of will be lacking for most.

Throughout our Saturday, the majority of this system's precipitation will fall as rain, with snow only for the northernmost counties. The three counties that will see snow are Oceana, Newaygo and Mecosta, where 4" to 8" of the frozen precip. will coat the ground by this evening.

For everyone south of those three counties, it will be primarily rain, with just a small chance of some snow as colder air works back in during the evening. This would be after 2 P.M. for those along and north of I-96. It could bring a dusting of snow to those locations, but with the already wet ground, it will be hard for any of that snow to stick.

Rainfall amounts by the end of the day will be on the order of 1" to 2" leading to slower travel and ponding out on the roadways.

If you are under the gun for snow, keep in mind that it will be heavy, packing snow that will be tough to move. This could lead to scattered power outages with some of the stronger wind gusts towards 30 mph. Most importantly, it will be very difficult to shovel, so it is recommended that you do it in waves and not all at once. If your neighbors also have to shovel, it may not be the worst idea to offer to help too if you can.

The system will leave behind some chilly air, enough to produce some light lake-effect snow overnight. This will move onshore during the morning Sunday, bringing a light dusting of snow for some but nothing more. Another snow chance will greet us Monday morning, which could bring another light blanket of snow. This could also slow down the morning commute.