Sick of the cold? Warmth will slowly return over the next few weeks

70s are possible again during the middle/end of May
Posted at 2:46 PM, May 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 15:03:28-04

As the saying always goes, if you don't like Michigan's weather, just wait a few days because it will change.

While we deal with snow showers, potential record cold and a killing freeze, spring will eventually return and make us forget quickly. For most of the week, weather models across the board have been indicating around and after May 15th, warmer air a little more common to May will return. There has been no indication of another deep freeze after the warmth settles back in.

We are currently being bombarded by cold straight from the arctic. This cold air will slowly retreat back into Canada and out along the west coast. This will push warmer air from the west back east towards us.

Before the warm air returns, remember to cover any plants or bring them inside on nights where temperatures will fall to around and below freeze. This will occur Friday night and again Monday night. It is best to cover the plants with breathable cloth and not plastic.

The record cold temperature for May 9th is 23° set back in 1947. The coldest it has ever been in the month of May is 21° back in 1903.

West Michigan will likely be in the lower to middle 20s Saturday morning. Both of those temperature records could be tied or broken.