November has been extra sunny & this weekend will be no different

Posted at 9:01 AM, Nov 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-28 09:01:01-05

There has been a few more sunny days than cloudy ones this November and we will add two more to the month this weekend!

Cloudy days typically far-outweigh sunny ones in the eleventh month of the year, but this year has been a lot different. Looking at the average numbers for November, we usually see about three cloudy days to every one sunny day. This year, it's been more along the lines of one cloudy day for every one sunny day!

With two more sunny days this weekend, we will end the month with sunshine more typical of September. The best part about it is that in 2019, November was near a record low for sunshine. I guess 2020 wasn't all bad!

Temperatures with the sunshine and wind more out of the south will push readings towards 50 degrees both days. It won't be until Sunday evening that we see clouds developing once again. This will be a sign of some changes as colder air will work in and our chances of snow will go up for Monday.

The next winter storm is expected to be far enough to the east for us to just escape the heaviest snow, which will set up shop out towards Detroit. They could see several inches of snow while we just have a few snow showers every now and again.