Near record cold tonight, frost likely

Temperatures for most will drop to near 32°
Posted at 9:25 AM, Oct 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-04 09:24:59-04

We have already been through two Frost Advisories this week, and tonight we will add a third.

Even though it is rainy and cloudy this morning, which would limit our cooling overnight if it stayed, high pressure will build in this evening to clear our skies out. We will be mostly clear for several hours overnight and winds will lighten up quickly. With chilly temperatures already in place, we will be setting the stage for rapid cooling tonight.

Temperatures will fall from the middle 50s this evening to near freezing by sunrise Monday. With temperatures getting that cold, frost will develop for many to start our week.

If you are still growing something outside or have plants you don't want to die tonight because of the harmful chill, cover them up before going to bed or bring them inside. If you have no plants you are taking care of, this story is just to remind you that you may need a heavy jacket Monday morning.

The clear skies tonight will lead to mostly sunny conditions tomorrow, so it will not take long for temperatures to rise well above freezing in the morning. The frost advisory will end at 9 A.M. Monday.

Two counties could see a hard freeze tonight, with temperatures into the upper 20s. Newaygo and Mecosta Counties are in line for the below freezing temperatures and have been placed under a freeze warning.

If you live along Lake Michigan, the freezing temperatures and frost advisory does not apply to you. With Lake Michigan still having water temperatures in the 60s, it will keep you insulated and warmer than everyone else. You will wake up to temperatures in the upper 30s.

With the temperatures getting down towards the freezing mark, we have to watch our record lows for October 5th. While we do not expect the records to be tied or broken, we will only be a few degrees shy of doing so. This just puts it into perspective how abnormally cold these temperatures are for early October.