Hot Saturday, first chance for rain in more than a week

Posted at 10:29 AM, Jun 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-20 11:59:22-04

WEST MICHIGAN — Summer arrives early this evening, folks, and it will certainly be feeling like it! Astronomical summer kicks in at 5:44 local time with temperatures near 90 degrees!

Today's forecast is looking pretty similar to Friday's. After a high temperature of 91 degrees in Grand Rapids on Friday, we look for readings to max out in the lower 90s this afternoon. Humidity will be creeping a bit higher than yesterday but overall stickiness will not be as high as it is oftentimes with heat of this nature.

Nonetheless, another Ozone Action Day / Clean Air Action Day is in effect for much of West Michigan here on Saturday.

Here is the Lakeshore forecast for today. Expect quiet waves to continue.

Winds will remain on the light side out of the southeast shifting to the south or even southwest through this afternoon at 5-15 mph. The chance for any precipitation looks meager through this afternoon but a little bit better chance for a shower or thundershower does begin to arrive mid-late evening into the overnight tonight. Activity along a cold front will be approaching from the west this evening and overnight but will likely be diminishing to some degree as it does so.

The time table for any wet weather will be from mid-late evening tonight through around midday or shortly thereafter on Sunday. It will not be raining at all times. Severe weather is not anticipated at any point.

Rain amounts are not expected to be spectacular but a few locations could get downpours. The map below gives an idea of how precipitation is expected to be spotty. Thus the amount of rainfall at specific locations should not necessarily be taken as exact.

A passing cold front on Sunday will keep temperatures in the low 80s for daytime highs closer to our averages for late June. A new surge of of heat blasts back in on Monday ahead of an evening cold front and disturbance. This can trigger some additional showers and thunderstorms at that time. Some gustier storms are a possibility Monday evening. We trend cooler into the middle of next week but warmer times likely lie ahead for next weekend and beyond.