Teenage sisters start sheep shearing business in Newaygo Co

Fawn, 18, and Gracie Muraske, 16, started their business about 3 years ago
Sisters Sheep Shearing Business Photo
Posted at 4:57 PM, Feb 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 09:29:19-05

WHITE CLOUD, Mich. — A pair of teenage sisters living in Newaygo County are seeing some success after starting their own small business 3 years ago.

Fawn, 18, and Grace, 16, Muraske has spent most of their lives living around animals. The girls live at a large property in White Cloud with their parents and dozens of animals.

Several years ago the sisters got serious about their passion for animals, deciding to enter some of their own into shows.

"We started with goats and sheep about 5 years ago, showing them and we had people come over and sheer them and it was taking away from our cost of what we’d get at the fair for our lambs," Fawn told FOX 17 Thursday.

Although the girls saw great success and fulfillment with their show efforts, they wanted to expand their reach into the world of caring for livestock.

They decided to offer their shearing services to others.

"I just always love to talk to people and help people whenever I can, share my knowledge," Fawn said about starting the small venture, "it was just kind of a natural thing. When I would meet people and if I found out they had sheep, I'd say well my sister and I do this. We can definitely help you out with that if you ever need it."

The girls business efforts are made much easier by the fact they both attend school online from their home. The sisters are enrolled in the Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy.

Fawn says she is considering becoming a DNR officer when she grows up, while Gracie is focusing on veterinarian school. For now though, the girls are just excited about where their sheep shearing will take them.

“We’re hoping to get more people with people in our group and just people in our county showing lambs. We definitely just want to help as many as we can,” Fawn said.