Take a sneak peek at Beaumont's New State-of-the-art Livonia Outpatient Campus

Posted at 12:56 PM, Apr 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-24 12:56:09-04

LIVONIA, Mich. (WXYZ) — Construction is now complete on the new, outpatient campus on 7 Mile, east of Haggerty.

“It’s really exciting for all of us to open up this facility,” said David Claeys from Beaumont Hospital.

David Claeys is Beaumont Health’s Interim C.O.O. and he tells WXYZ’s Dave LewAllen the new facility is key to the Beaumont Health, Spectrum Health strategy going forward.

“We’re really focused, both health systems are making sure that we increase access to that reasonable, simple care that people need in their communities, and they don’t have to drive great distances to get that great, high-quality, high-tech care,” said Claeys.

WXYZ got a first look at the building during a recent walk-through. It is about 140,000 sq. ft. and features the latest technology – from check-in kiosks -- to most of the services offered at full-service hospitals. But this closer-to-home approach fills a big need for patients in Western Wayne County.

“We’re raising the level of care that’s being provided in these communities,” said Derk Pronger, Chief Operating Officer, Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills. “Those types of prevention services that we can put out in the community so we can maintain the community’s health was very important in the design and the services that we put in this building as well.”

Those services include a lab, space for CT scans, physical and occupational therapy, cardiology, primary care, and more. The Beaumont Breast Care Center is located on the fourth floor.

“So, you have breast imaging, mammography, ultrasound, we will have bone density as well too, so, it’s sort of one-stop shopping for your annual, recurring visits but also if you need that higher level of care, we have the necessary equipment here as well,” said Pronger.

The campus also includes an around-the-clock emergency care center with 11 beds. Maureen Grisius is the clinical nurse manager.

“These are some of our treatment bays and then we have triage, we also have our two resuscitation bays in the back and three observation rooms on the other side,” Grisius a Clinical Nurse Manager, Emergency Center, Beaumont Outpatient Clinic, Livonia.

“We know it is challenging to get emergency care and so to extend the arm of emergency care out into the community makes us a better access point so, anybody who needs to be transferred to a hospital, we can stabilize them here,” said Grisius. “You look at how densely populated this area is and how many people call Livonia, Northville, Novi, Plymouth their home and we want to be in people’s backyards, we want to be close to home, we want to bring care to them.”

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