Tigers to start 2020 season without top picks on roster

Posted at 6:16 AM, Jul 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-21 06:16:57-04

Since the beginning of Spring Training 2.0 we've gone almost every day with a highlight reel play from one of the Tigers future stars.

However none of them will make the initial 2020 roster to start the season, as Tigers general manager Al Avila is preaching patience.

"We feel we can get these guys ready to play this year, if and when needed, but also get them enough work that they're going to progress for next year," Avila said.

It isn't a bad move for the Tigers, as these player still need time to develop into big league players, but it will be met with criticism by fans if the team doesn't win.

Avila said the decision had nothing to do with service time, which would indicate that a rookie begins their deal with the team, and pushing them into playing too early could be detrimental to not only their development, but also the teams financial situation with those players in a few years when they will be up for their next contracts.

The Tigers open the season in Cincinnati against the Reds on July 24th.