Sparta's Cody Stamann dedicating Saturday's fight in UFC 250 to late brother

Stamann is fighting Brian Kelleher in Las Vegas
Posted at 3:12 PM, Jun 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-05 17:06:48-04
Local fighter dedicates UFC bout to late brother

Sparta's Cody Stamann has come a long way in the last three years.

From the UFC's top prospect when we featured him in 2017 to one of the best in the word now.

“It is absolutely wild," Stamann who is 18-2-1 as a pro said. "That seems like a different life honestly, so much has happened since then. I went back and watched that interview not too long ago and it was funny to hear myself talk about all these things that I wanted and I’m looking at my life now and I’m like ‘wow this has all happened' and now the goals are just bigger.”

Stamann is set to take on Brian Kelleher (20-10-0) Saturday at UFC 250.

A win could set him up well for the future.

“Kind of cements where I already am," Stamann said. "I will be able to get a new fight contract, make a little money and I will be able to call a shot. When you are winning you are in the driver’s seat you kind of get to dictate where you go and decide who you are going to fight but when you are not winning it is a lot harder to do that.”

This fight has taken on a new meaning for Stamann. His 18-year old brother brother, Jacob, passed away last week.

“I just thought about what he would want and it was an easy decision to make," Stamann said when asked how he decided to keep the fight. "He would want to see me compete. What better could I do than dedicate a fight to him.”

He's trying to stay focused on Saturday's fight. After, Stamann said he will be able to grieve and return home and take take care of his family.

“Before and after it is going to be heavy on my heart," Stamann added. "But I have to keep my mind sharp, keep all the negativity and all the stuff in a box until I fight I kind of got to hold it all together and I am doing that the best I can. I have to perform, I have to be the best that I can be on Saturday night.”

Stamann said the cause of death is still unknown.