Whitecaps Prospect Report: Parker Meadows

Meadows has gained weight, speed this season
Parker Meadows
Posted at 1:41 PM, May 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 18:12:32-04
Whitecaps prospect report: Parker Meadows

Parker Meadows played 126 in West Michigan in 2019, that was low A, now he's back in 2021 at high A and the Tigers eighth ranked prospect by MLB Pipeline is ten pounds heavier.

"Having the year off I think I took advantage of that getting in the weight room all the time and put on some weight," Meadows said. "Obviously lost some weight during spring training because it is almost impossible to maintain it there in Lakeland."

The added muscle hasn't slowed him down, the second round pick from 2018 is already three for four stealing bases and still covering a lot of ground in center field.

"The thing about that is I think I got even faster which is huge for me because gaining weight it is hard to maintain that speed," Meadows said. "Working with my offseason trainer, we worked on that a lot and I was just very blessed."

Besides the physical tools Meadows possesses, he has another advantage, and older brother that plays in the majors.

Austin Meadows plays the outfield for the Rays.

"I think it is a pretty big advantage," the younger Meadows said. "Not everybody gets that opportunity to get advice from an older brother that plays in the MLB and just watching him grow up throughout the minor leagues and be able to watch him and how he carries himself for sure."

Austin recently landed a role in an MLB network promo with former Major League player Carlos Pena.

Parker is a tough critic.

"Awful, terrible," Parker said about his older brother's acting. "He could have done way better. I haven't told him that but I need to text him and tell him, you are not getting an Oscar for that."