Whitecaps Prospect Report: Gage Workman

The Tigers 11th ranked prospect is adjusting to West Michigan
Gage Workman, Whitecaps
Posted at 5:55 PM, Jul 21, 2021
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Whitecaps Prospect Report: Gage Workman

Current Whitecaps shortstop Gage Workman was selected by the Tigers in the fourth round of the draft last summer.

The Arizona State product, like most of the 2020 draftees, didn't have much in the way of baseball activities from draft day to spring training this season.

"It was definitely the longest I have ever gone without playing baseball," Workman said. "I think the biggest adjustment was just seeing live arms again, getting that timing back, getting a feel for the off speed, and just get comfortable in the box again."

Gage Workman, Whitecaps
Gage Workman, Whitecaps

Workman started the season playing for Lakeland where the humidity became a factor even for the Chandler, Arizona native.

"The biggest adjustment for me was just making sure that I am eating and drinking enough because I was losing weight, the humidity kind of kills you out there in Florida," Workman said. "Just playing everyday instead of just weekend series was a little bit of an adjustment, just taking care of my body and making sure that felt right."

Workman had 27 extra base hits and 33 walks in 51 games with the Flying Tigers before getting called up to West Michigan just two weeks ago.

He's hit a pair of home runs in 14 games so far with the Whitecaps, but the batting average has room for improvement.

"I'm still getting my feet wet here," Workman said. "I'd say the pitching is a little bit more consistent here, just trying to play my game not trying to change a whole lot."

Gage Workman, Whitecaps
Gage Workman, Whitecaps

The most glaring statistical advantage for Workman this year has been stolen bases.

He has 24 in just 28 attempts combined between Lakeland and West Michigan.

"It has not always been a part of the game, our college offense was really good we didn't have to steal a ton of bags," Workman said. "It is something that I love doing, it is something that I just started doing, it is something I love doing, hopefully it continues here."

Workman has been serving as the Whitecaps lead off hitter and has been solid defensively with a .970 fielding percentage.