Meijer Classic announces exciting additions

John Shippen Invitational and J. Brewer's will be new in 2022
Meijer LPGA Classic
Posted at 10:11 PM, May 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 05:19:12-04
John Shippen winner will get into Meijer Classic

The Meijer LPGA Classic for Simply Give expects to be in full effect next month.

The tournament announced some new things including the winner of the John Shippen National Invitational getting an exemption into the field.

The tournament, which is named in the honor of the first African-American tour pro, will be made up of minority golfers.

"We've seen it work before and I think it ties in perfectly with the work that we are doing in our communities around creating exposure and opportunities for diversity inclusion in all things in our communities," Rick Keyes, President & CEO of Meijer, said. "It is a perfect fit for what we are doing with the LPGA Classic."

The John Shippen will be played at Blythefield Country Club on June 1st and 2nd.

Our friends at Intersport brought this opportunity and they are actually hosting this at Blythefield we are a partner with them to do that," Cathy Cooper, Meijer LPGA Classic Executive Director, said. "We'll be taking the exemption and that will be an amazing experience both for us and for the player that wins the John Shippen."

Also knew this year is the J. Brewer's hospitality area.

Meijer Classic announces new addition for 2022

It will be setup along fairway on the fourth hole where the Great Taste was in the past.

"We are excited this year to come back in full force," Keyes said. "We couldn't be more excited to bring back that entertainment venue that we had on the fourth fairway, this year we are calling it J. Brewers, which is really going to be a first class, one of its kind on the LPGA Tour experience for West Michigan."

"The Grand Taste was really a huge thing for us, we took it a step farther with J. Brewers," Cooper added. "Not only is there a lot of food and a lot of beverage, but we have just a very unique setup that's comfortable, you can watch the tournament from inside, you can stand on the viewing deck and watch four fairway as the players come by."

The tournament is scheduled to run June 16th through the 19th at Blythefield Country Club.