Lions Wire's Jeff Risdon recaps Lions 0-5 start, Dan Campbell's postgame emotion

Lions fall on game-winning field goal for second time in 2021
Lions fall to Minnesota
Posted at 8:54 PM, Oct 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-10 22:59:24-04

(WXMI) — The Detroit Lions have lost in nearly every way possible just five games into the 2021 season.

The Lions came back in week one against the 49ers, led the Green Bay Packers at halftime and led the Baltimore Ravens late before an NFL-record 66-yard field goal.

On Sunday, not much changed as the team took a 17-16 lead with under one minute left at Minnesota, only to lose on a 54-yard field goal as time expired.

"It's been a very heartbreaking season," said Lions Wire managing editor, Jeff Risdon of Zeeland, "it's the same score as the Baltimore game, 19-17 on a last second field goal two times in three weeks, that's tough on the blood pressure and nerves, it's really hard to be a Lions fan right now."

Jeff Risdon recaps 0-5 start
Jeff Risdon (right) talks to Fox 17's Zach Harig about the Lions winless start.

Sunday's late comeback after trailing by ten in the fourth quarter didn't make things easier.

"Especially with the way the Lions came back in this one late and getting an unexpected turnover, D'Andre Swift with the unexpected touchdown and going for two and getting it, everyone is like, "Yes! We've got this!" and then that happens, it was a rough afternoon."

After the game, first-year head coach Dan Campbell was clearly emotional, even shedding tears in the postgame press conference.

"It's tough to be 0-5 and lose like that again," Campbell said, "but I was proud of them man, you don't find a way to get back into a game and get to where you were at if you don't believe and give all you have."

Risdon says he loved seeing the emotion out of the Lions' leader.

"Yeah, I loved it," he added, "I loved seeing the coach tear up knowing how much it meant to the players that they didn't get the win, he feels that, he played in Detroit he understands the emotions of it. It's a clear connection, I know the players love it, I know players in the locker room love it."

Of course, being 0-5 is not a moral victory and Risdon knows the team will have to win games but he's confident in Campbell.

"I've been around to talk to the players, they really appreciate [his emotion], especially with what they've went through with the last few regimes, he is sincere and the players love it, the coaches love it, he's not perfect but he understands what he needs to do to keep the team engaged and fired up."

While the season is a struggle thus far, Risdon says the team is not bad enough to go 0-17 this season, much like the winless Lions in 2008.

"I do think they get a win because I was pleasantly surprised with how well the defense played today, that's a good offensive team in Minnesota," Risdon said.

"I think you saw the Lions defense step up, if they can continue to do that the offense will have a game or two where they score 30 or more points, this Lions team will win a game or two, probably not more than that but I would be very surprised if they go 0-17."

The Lions will host the (3-2) Cincinnati Bengals at Ford Field in week six on Sunday, October 17 at 1:00 PM.

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