Griffins Prospect Report: Turner Elson

Hockey player planning to donate his hair
Turner Elson1
Posted at 12:55 PM, May 05, 2021
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Griffins Prospect Report: Turner Elson

Turner Elson has to be leading the American Hockey League in hair length.

The Griffins forward has been growing it out for a couple of years.

"I was starting to grow it out and I wanted to cut it and I was like 'why don't I do something good with it?' I've been trying to grow this out for about two years," Elson said. "I am trying to get it cut by the end of the season. I do want to donate it and I do want to do something good with it instead of just cutting it and going on with my day."

Elson is second on the team in assists with 12 and is currently playing in his fourth season in Grand Rapids and that is not a coincidence.

"The city is one of the best in the league I'd say," Elson said. "I've played a lot of years in a lot of different places and I have really enjoyed every moment I've had here so I love to keep coming back."

Turner Eslon2
Turner Elson passes to a teammate

He started his career in the AHL at the age of 20, eight years later he has taken on a leadership role which has been both difficult and important in a season like no one has ever seen before.

"This year has been a hard year," Elson said. "We have two locker rooms, and to be a leader on both sides, but these kids coming in here they are all great kids. Just the little things like you have to come ready everyday, we don't have a lot of games and you want to show yourself every day so whenever you get a chance to play and play good, you have to be out there and ready to go."

Turner Elson3
Turner Elson warms up before a Griffins game

Elson played one game in the NHL for the Calgary Flames at the end of the 2015-2016 season.

"It was a crazy moment," Elson remembered. "I remember it was the day before I got the call to go up and I didn't have my parents, my family, my brothers they didn't have an opportunity to come to Minnesota, it was in Minnesota, but my trainer got a chance to get a ticket and get down there so I had one person in the stands. They made us go out there, there was three of us, we all went out there in warm ups by ourselves for a bit like they always do and it was just a surreal moment, it was the season ender for them, they had a packed crowd. It was just something that I will never forget my whole life."