Growlers preparing for a more normal season of baseball this summer

Northwoods League is planning for a full schedule
Posted at 5:01 PM, Mar 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-15 17:01:08-04
Growler prepare for more normal summer of baseball

Last summer the Northwoods League played a modified POD system, this year it plans to return to a full schedule and that has the Kalamazoo Growlers excited.

"We are expecting a big summer just to be back again with some normalcy, maybe completely normal," Growlers managing partner Brian Colopy said. "You see Texas (Rangers) is going to be 100 percent (capacity) in a couple weeks so we are hoping by June 2nd we are going to be really close to that."

Right now the Growlers can host 1,000 fans at a time and say a lot people of have already signed up to be at the ballpark this summer.

"We have two years now rolled into one," Colopy said. "We've had a lot of people roll their tickets over to 2021. We're planning just as we normally would, getting the promotions together, getting the players on board. All the events we're doing, it's really planning as a normal season."

Being the only collegiate summer league to play last year provides advantages such as understanding safety measures and showing their product to a new sector.

"It also helped us get players here this year," Colopy said. "We were one of the only teams playing last year so schools from around the country want to send us more guys because they know we can do it and do it the right way."

While playing the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek POD was certainly better than nothing, having the entire league back together is nice.

"I want our fans to see these amazing players, the future Max Scherzer, Chris Sale, hopefully they are on our team but sometimes they are on these other teams, the league is the best run league in the country, hands down."

The Growlers will start announcing their roster in the very near future.