Growlers to celebrate Father's Day as Mac Daddies

Promotion will take place after season starts
Posted at 1:56 PM, May 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-29 17:18:25-04
Team becomes 'Mac Daddies' for Father's Day

The organization that has brought us coach Drake and the Emojersey now has plans to change their name for three games this season.

"There had never been a mac and cheese logo in sports which to me is really weird," Brian Colopy, Kalamazoo Growlers Managing Partner, said. "To other people it is like 'duh dude it's normal who would do that?'"

For three games whenever their season is played, the Growlers will become the Mac Daddies.

The idea happened because of the success of the inaugural mac and cheese festival last October at Homer Stryker Field.

Not only will the team wear special made jerseys and a Mac Daddy logo but the in between innings entertainment will also involve dads and mac and cheese.

"You can literally ask your dad a question about a son or daughter," Colopy said. "If he gets it right he gets to put the mac and cheese in the face of the kid or the wife or whoever is doing it but if he gets it wrong you get to mac your daddy and dad gets mac and cheese in the face."

While many summer collegiate leagues have canceled their seasons, the Northwoods League has announced that they will have three teams start up on June 15th in Bismark, North Dakota and play each other all at one location.

"To have one start date that fits for everybody is literally impossible," Colopy said. "The league's goal is to get as many games in as possible for as many players."

For the Growlers and the Battle Creek Bombers it may take a little longer to get there but they are confident they will play at some point in the summer or fall with the likely hood of the season going much longer than normal.

"As soon as we are able to play in front of fans we have a plan that we are ready to go with to play in front of fans on a limited capacity this year where we feel we can play safely and provide an amazing experience for people," Colopy added.

Fans need to be present, after all that is what the Mac Daddies are all about.