GRFC maintains city connection through changes on pitch and off

Temporary home, wider variety of players doesn't change mantra
GR Football Club
Posted at 12:41 PM, Jul 02, 2021
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GRFC maintains city connection through changes on pitch and off

As the Grand Rapids Football Club has moved its way up the ladder over the years, it has had to increase its scope to find prospective players.

This season, the club had a short window with which to create the roster after Stu Collins was named head coach in late February.

"I am really pleased with the group we have managed to put together," Collins said. "We have some guys who will advance to the next level after their experience here and their collegiate programs. For this level, I think you can look at the league table to see that we have been in every game."

GRFC's mantra is 'One City, One Club.'

As the roster has continued to take on a more worldwide flavor, GRFC has remained true to its roots.

"It really is a family environment we try to create," Collins said. "Some days that is harder than other days, but the club wants everybody to have the same experience and we want to be encapsulated in the fan culture that this is kind of known for."

GR Football Club
GR Football Club

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal home of Houseman Field was not an option for GRFC this summer, so the club is utilizing the Midwest United FC facility in Kentwood.

"The first game we played there was a lot of fans and to be fair every home game there has been a lot of fans here, the noise has been great" GRFC midfielder Matty Cornish said."It is a nice little city, I've been downtown a few times. We all feel like part of the club straight away we are made to feel like part of the club."

Cornish plays at Nova Southeastern University in Florida an is originally from England.

GR Football Club
GR Football Club

The club does feature several local players including Caden Jackman from Caledonia.

"Our team chemistry has really grown a lot this season and that is something that really shows with the 'One City, One Club,'" GRFC Midfielder Caden Jackman said. "We are a team, we play for one city and our team chemistry is huge and that is something that drives us this season is just playing for our city and playing for each other really."

The team has one more home game on the schedule next Wednesday and is just three points out of payoff spot with three matches left.