Buchberger hoping to be selected in MLB draft

Davenport senior weighs options for future
Posted at 3:26 PM, May 22, 2020
Buchberger prepares for baseball future

Jacob Buchberger was the GLAC's player of the year in 2019 when he hit .429 but he was not selected in last summer's Major League Baseball draft.

This year was a chance to prove himself again and he was doing that hitting .525 with 6 home runs in just 15 games, but that is all there was because of COVID-19.

"It was very frustrating for me because obviously it is everyone's goal, if you play in college baseball you want to make it to the next level," Buchberger said.

The MLB draft is normally 40 rounds with over 1200 players taken. This year it is only five rounds which means only 160 player will be selected.

Buchberger has been working with an adviser who believes he may still have a chance to be picked.

"Right now I have 17 teams that have shown interest or I had phone conversations with or questionnaires that I have filled out," Buchberger said. "It looks good right now but you know how the draft works there is no promises you could be told something and it never happen. I just got to wait until the day comes."

If he is not selected Buchberger's options are to sign with a team for $20,000 or return to Davenport for a fifth year but by the time next year's draft rolls around he will be 23.

"The likelihood of me getting picked up next year it just keeps going down and it's more slim just because of my age," Buchberger said. "It is all analytics based and the age plays a huge part in that."

Buchberger has been an infielder all his life playing mostly third base at DU but there is a chance he could move to the outfield at the next level.

"There is also a chance I could play outfield too because of my speed," Buchberger said. "I ran a 6.3 60 (yard dash) so I mean they might put me in the outfield hopefully I can cover some ground and just get used to playing the outfield a little bit."

While waiting for his next chance to play baseball Buchberger is throwing with his brother, hitting and lifting weights to stay ready.