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Strength of offensive line leads to lots of points for Unity Christian

The Crusaders are scoring at a record pace this season
Unity Christian football
Posted at 11:00 PM, Nov 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-17 23:00:19-05
Offensive line leads Unity Christian to lots of points

There are many adjectives to describe the Unity Christian offense in 2021.



"I would have to say powerful."

One that could be added is greatest.

The Crusaders 693 points scored is the most in state history through the first 12 games in a season.

They need seven points to become just the eighth team in Michigan High School football to ever score 700 and 81 to tie the state record for a season.

There are a lot of things that go into making an offense this.

"Our lineman up front," Unity Christian head coach Criag Tibbe said. "Generally speaking have really taken ownership of what is supposed to be happening up there."

Unity Christian football
Unity Christian football

"Most of us have been playing it since third grade the same exact offense," senior offensive tackle Kolby Hedley said. "At this point it is muscle memory and you can just hear a play and know exactly what to do."

Kolby Hedley, Gavin Koop, Matt Hoonhorst, Ryan Shinabery and Ethan Lawrence are the offensive lineman throw in tight ends Jonny Bosma and Gabe Newhoff and they are paving the way for over 57 points per game.

"I think we are pretty strong," senior guard Gavin Koop said. "I think we play stronger than we actually are too because I feel like we have played teams that are a lot stronger than us but we have just gone out and pounded them."

The guys up front might not look big, but they are strong and that hasn't happened by accident.

Quite honestly working hard in the weight room," Tibbe said. "These guys put the extra tie in I think and I think that is where you start to see some of that along with some natural gifts as well up front, so the combination has been good."

Maybe the reason the guys have gotten so much done in the weight room is because they truly love being there.

"It's a good atmosphere, it's a fun atmosphere, it is something that you want to be apart of," Koop said. "It is usually a pretty good time and everybody is hyping each other up and we are all having a good time and working hard."

Unity Christian football
Unity Christian football

"We have a few kids that can definitely squat more than 400 pounds, we have three or four that can bench over 300," Hedley said. "That and we know how to use our size and stay low, be fast off the ball. With that added strength it just helps a lot."

Plus their sill guys are pretty good too.

"You combine a good line with speed, it's been fun," Tibbe said with a laugh.

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