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FHC's Theryn Hallock seizing final high school opportunity on the soccer field

The basketball standout is playing soccer for the Rangers this spring
Theryn Hallock, Forest Hills Central
Posted at 6:30 PM, May 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-04 20:09:47-04
Hallock seizing final opportunity in high school

Forest Hills Central senior Theryn Hallock wrapped up an amazing four-year varsity basketball career in March.

The future Michigan State Spartan finished fourth in the miss basketball voting.

While many that are just weeks from graduating get a serious case of senioritis, Hallock is quite the opposite.

She joined the Rangers soccer team this spring, returning to the pitch for the first time since she was in eighth grade.

"All my friends play," Hallock said. "I just wanted to end senior year with a blast and just have fun and I'm really glad I played."

For serious hoopers like Hallock, spring is reserved for AAU basketball through their junior year.

Theryn Hallock, Forest Hills Central
Theryn Hallock, Forest Hills Central

She had toyed with the idea of doing both each of the last three seasons but didn't.

FHC soccer coach Ashley Ludtke wasn't sure it was happening this year either.

"When she mentioned she was coming out this year, I kind of gave her a hard time, like OK we'll see you at tryouts," Ludtke said. "She did show, she had an exceptional tryout, she's an outstanding athlete and I was really excited when she actually did show up to tryouts."

Hallock has scored 20 goals in 11 games including netting a hat trick in four straight games last month.

The was a noticeable lack of rust created by three years off.

"It was definitely new, a lot of my friends play so I have always been surrounded by soccer," Hallock said. "Once I got into tryouts and games I got my touch back and I was pretty excited but it was definitely a big change from basketball which is all hands to soccer which is feet."

Hallock wasn't going to jump into a sport she hadn't played in a while just months before reporting to college without checking with her future head coach, Suzy Merchant first.

"I did mention it to her a little bit, Hallock said. "She was really good about it because it is a sport that I can stay in shape and just get a different kind of run in."

The Rangers are coming off a state semifinal appearance last spring and hope that the addition of Hallock can push them to the top this year.

For Hallock, the chance to be apart of the team has been a great experience.

"We have a really good team, and we have a lot of good team chemistry," Hallock said. "We are really young so it is a lot of fun to see players grow and just to bond easily with people. It is obviously way different than basketball because there is a more numbers in soccer."

"She is a lot of fun to be around," Ludtke said. "She brings a lot to our team outside of her athletic talents and it has been a lot of fun to watch how her basketball skill set and competitive nature translates to the soccer field."

As much as Hallock is helping the team, it is helping her.

"I play with a variety of people, and I have my whole life," Hallock said. "I think the people and the coaches shape me and to be a better person on and off the field and I think playing the two most opposite sports definitely shape me and my personality and all the things that go into both sports."

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