Athleticism gives Dunn a chance to be picked in shortened MLB Draft

WMU outfielder hopes to be selected next week
Posted at 2:48 PM, Jun 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-03 19:27:29-04
WMU athlete hopes to be selected in MLB Draft

Blake Dunn was good at everything at Saugatuck High School.

He was an explosive quarterback, standout point guard and record setting hurdler, but baseball is the sport he has always dedicated himself to.

"That was the sport that I put the most time in over the summer," Dunn said. "Traveling all over the country with my parents and them driving me all over."

Dunn in now draft eligible following three years at Western Michigan University and it's the athleticism that he displayed in four sports in high school that scouts marvel at.

Baseball America ranked him as one of the top five athletes in this years draft.

"The athlete I am and the athleticism is going to allow me to handle failure," Dunn said. "Adjust to failure and allow me to eventually come out on top and succeed.”

Dunn said growing up he wanted to be a professional athlete like so many kids but it wasn't until college that he began to see some reality in that dream.

"In high school baseball was my thing I knew I wanted to play at the next level," Dunn said. "When I got into college is when I was really able to focus on baseball and I started to develop a little bit more and I knew that was kind of my next goal for me.”

Dunn played last summer in the famed Cape Cod League where fields are often filled with major league scouts.

He struggled a little in the Cape. Some see it as a deterrent to being drafted, he feels differently."

“The biggest thing that I took out of there was just recognizing any weaknesses or stuff that needed to be fixed," Dunn said. "As you go through failure and you learn from it eventually it helps you become a better player and then it isn’t necessarily failure at that point.”

Now he waits to find out if a Major League team selects him and he can begin the next chapter in his baseball career.

“I am definitely excited, Dunn said about next week's draft. "A little nervous as well just because the draft is so crazy, when it comes to draft day you never know exactly what is going to happen at the same time I'm super excited to see what happens I hope to hear my name called and I get an opportunity to play professionally and live out my dream that I have had since I was a kid.”

Dunn said if he is not selected he plans to return to school next year.