All four McConnell sisters to run together at Cornerstone next season

The youngest sister recently committed to CU
Posted at 8:24 PM, Jun 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-12 20:24:48-04
Four sisters to run track together at Cornerstone

The Cornerstone University girls track and field team is about to be loaded with McConnell's real soon.

“My dad went to Cornerstone for two years and we were like we are not following what he said," Alexis McConnell, the oldest of four sisters said. "Because he always said you’re going to go to Cornerstone.”

Turns out dad was right.

It all started three years ago when Alexis came to Grand Rapids.

“I visited all intentions of not going," Alexis said. "And then I loved the team and I was like oh shoot.”

Bailley and Cammie followed the next two years and now the youngest, Desiree has made it four for four with McConnell sisters at CU.

Desiree is currently away at boot camp in the National Guard.

The other sisters say she was hesitant for awhile to join them at Cornerstone but that changed.

“She already kind of new it because she visited so many times with us being there," Bailley, the second oldest McConnell sister said. "She was just like ‘yeah I couldn’t imagine actually going anywhere else.’”

They were all very clear that none of them will be rooming with any of the other sisters next year. Apparently 18 years was enough.

“We always said we’re not going to room together," Cammie, the third oldest McConnell sister said. "We are already on the same campus, see each other everyday. Sometimes even the same classes so we are like we are not going to room together, we got to find our own people.”

The sisters have always pushed each other. Both trying to make each sister better and also trying to beat other.

“If we are running together or one of us is faster than the other it is always trying to get one up there,” Bailley said.

Next season will be the final college year for Alexis meaning that the sisters will get just the one year together as Golden Eagles.

“It is kind of the last chance or time that all of us will be at the same stage in our life before each of us go our separate ways," Alexis said. "Because obviously we won’t have the same career path and we won’t be living in the same city so it is kind of like the last time.”