School district's optional mask policy prompts health department to mandate it

Posted at 8:42 AM, Aug 31, 2021

MANCHESTER (WXYZ) — All students in Manchester Community Schools will soon not have to decide about whether to wear a mask when a mandate from the Washtenaw County Health Department goes into effect.

Last week, health officials reported that the county's level of transmission of COVID-19 was high but still left the decision on whether to mandate masks for students up to each district.

The superintendent for Manchester Community Schools, Dr. Brad Bezeau, said that while they are located in Washtenaw County, their case numbers are much lower than other parts of the county due to the fact that they're mostly rural.

But Dr. Bezeau said they will comply with any mandate from the health department.

A spokesperson for the health department said they are working on the mandate and expect it to go into effect later this week and enforcement to begin right after Labor Day.