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We're Open: Pink + Frillos located near Greenville

Posted at 11:38 AM, Jan 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-01 11:55:07-05

GREENVILLE — Pink + Frillos is part of Frugthaven Farm, which is where Klackle’s use to be, near Greenville. They moved from their original location before the pandemic. They offer food and coffee options for a quick lunch during your time shopping with them as well.

The owner, April Petersen, said you can even shop virtual without coming into the store through FaceTime.

“We can do virtual visits, where we can FaceTime through the store, I can pick things out for you. We're also doing a gift registry,” said April. “So, you could come in and pick out things you like, and maybe your mom or grandma could come; they could just call me.”

They are striving to make the shopping experience effortless, yet enjoyable at the same time.

“I can pull up your order and ship the gifts out to them if they're not comfortable coming in and we've also had the height of COVID and restrictions, we were just setting purchases outside,” said April. “So, you could purchase it online. And then we can just have you pick it up without even coming in. One of the other fun things that we came up with this summer was our Frillo Box. So you simply go online, order a Frillo Box in one of three sizes.”

The store is located west of Greenville near the Kent and Montcalm county line

For more information click here to visit their website.