Oakland County family adopts 10-year-old just in time to make Thanksgiving even more special

Christopher Williams Kurt is one of the success stories marking National Adoption Month
Posted at 5:31 AM, Nov 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-24 05:31:10-05

(WXYZ) — With National Adoption Month in full swing, many families in Michigan have already pledged to provide a forever home to a child looking for a good home.

In fact, with Thanksgiving around the corner, the Kurt family from Oakland County has one more reason to be thankful.

"Hi, my name is Christopher William Kurt, and I just got adopted," 10-year-old Christopher William Kurt said.

The adoption hearing was conducted virtually with Judge Kameisha Gant and Justice Megan Cavanagh.

"You are a gift to each other, thank you for opening your hearts and your home," said Cavanagh, a Michigan Supreme Court justice.

"Let me be the first to say congratulations to this family," said Gant, an Oakland County Circuit Court Judge.

Dave and Kathie Kurt, along with their three kids, have been fostering children for eight years. But it was Christopher who stole their hearts the moment he stepped into their lives in 2017.

"He was such a part of our family, loved by so many people. It wasn't our plan, it was something we knew in our hearts that it was the right way to go," Dave Kurt said.

"We are back to finding babysitters that we never knew would need it again," Kathie Kurt said.

But Christopher's journey didn’t start easy. In 2017, 7 Action News covered a story about Detroit police conducting a drug bust at a home in the city’s Southwest side. That raid quickly turned into a humanitarian mission. The officer found seven children living in deplorable conditions. Christopher was one of the kids.

"No food, no water, the kids didn’t look to be in good condition, there was actually dog feces all around," Detroit Police Department Sgt. Adam Madera said.

Since then, life has completely changed for Christopher.

This year, the Oakland County courts have successfully processed 155 adoptions, of which, 16 took place this month.

Meanwhile, Christopher's siblings are learning something from Christopher every day.

"Some of the systemic issues going on, I had no idea. I was like wait, some of that stuff can happen to my little brother, it just kind of opens my eyes to that," Nat Kurt said.

"He learned kind of persistence from me. We are both third children and we both are very stubborn," Emily Kurt said.

"Don’t tell the other siblings, but my favorite person, my favorite sibling, he has just become one of the most special people in the world to me," Madelyn Kurt said.

Meanwhile, the Kurt family says if you want to adopt but are not sure how the system works, their advice is to get started with fostering.