Chatfield pens letter criticizing Whitmer for not warning lawmakers of domestic terror plot

Posted at 3:53 PM, Oct 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-10 22:32:15-04

Speaker of the Michigan House Lee Chatfield wrote an open letter to Governor Gretchen Whitmer Saturday asking why the legislature wasn't warned about the thwarted plot to storm the state Capitol and take hostages.

"Why weren’t we in the Legislature warned of the plot to take hostages at the Capitol? The plot by these terrorists was against us, too," Chatfield wrote. "Why weren’t House sergeants warned? You knew, and we weren’t even given a warning. We had people working in the building every day doing essential work, and their lives matter, too."

"But you should also know that others in the Legislature have been threatened, too. They’ve received threats, letters and calls to their homes," Chatfield stated in the letter. "These threats have been to both Republicans and Democrats, but they aren’t given security. They don’t have the state resources to build million dollar fences at their homes. And we were also targeted in these evil plots. That’s why to overcome this, it will take a unified message and not political talking points or partisan finger pointing. It will take leadership."

The speaker's letter comes after 13 men were charged in a domestic terrorism plot to kidnap, try and kill Michigan's sitting governor.

Communications Director for the governor's office, Zack Pohl, issued this statement in response to Chatfield's letter:

“The governor won’t be distracted by the Speaker’s partisan attacks. She remains focused on bringing Michiganders together to keep people safe and save lives. We are not going to comment on an ongoing criminal investigation. If the Speaker has concerns with this successful law enforcement operation, he should direct them to the FBI and President Trump’s Department of Justice, which was in command. It’s worth pointing out that within moments of the news becoming public on Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey spoke at a protest against the governor that was organized by Speaker Chatfield’s father, Rusty Chatfield. It’s time for Republicans, from the White House on down, to forcefully condemn violent domestic terrorists.”

Read the full letter below:

Chatfield Open Letter to Gov. Whitmer by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd