What's the best streaming service to watch Oscar nominees?

Posted at 5:36 AM, Apr 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-06 17:39:10-04

(WXYZ) — If you're determined to see as many of the Oscar-nominated movies as possible before awards night, you probably have some work to do. Lucky for you, many streaming services have the nominees.

Five of the biggest ones are on Netflix, racking up 35 Academy Award nominations. That includes the late Chadwick Boseman's "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom," Glenn Close's "Hillbilly Eligy" and "The Trial of the Chicago 7."

A new survey by the cord-cutting website Flixed found the favorite streaming service in Netflix, with others not even close.

83% of people preferred Netflix, followed by Hulu at 51% and then Disney+ at 44%. Next was cable TV followed by Apple+ at the bottom.

Peacock and Discovery+ were too new for the survey, and Amazon is not considered a full streaming service.

Critics say the problem with Apple TV+, according to viewers, is its variety of programming and user interface. They did like it's price – just $5 a month or free if you buy a new iPhone or iPad