West Michigan Vaccine Clinic looking for additional volunteers

New sign-ups may be able to help next week
Posted at 9:34 PM, Apr 01, 2021

GRAND RAPID, Mich. — The need for volunteers is growing at the West Michigan Vaccine Clinic as more people are expected to roll through the building with their sleeves rolled up.

The clinic set a single-day record earlier this week with more than 12,500 COVID vaccines administered, and it’s not a stretch to expect that number to be passed soon now that everyone 16 and older is allowed to sign up.

The enticement of a priority spot in line for the vaccine may no longer be as valuable to potential volunteers now that the vaccination line is wide open. “Really there’s not that carrot if you will at this point,” explained Dr. Karla Black of the Kent County Health Department. “Our Qualtrics survey is out there for people to sign up, at this point, and we really want people to sign up.”

All volunteer spots needed are for non-clinical roles like helping with lines, wayfinding or simply handing out stickers, anything that keeps the flow of people and vaccines moving.

“And what’s the best part of all of it is you get to be a part of this excitement and see people just so happy to get their vaccine. I really think of it as probably one of the happiest places in West Michigan right now. As of this morning, we were up to about 475 volunteers that have now entered the queue, so we're really excited to have them on board.” explained Dr. Black.

Dr. Black says they will be shutting off the survey once they get 600 volunteers in the system so they can keep up with the task of background checks. Once they have those new sign-ups through the system, they may be able to work on the floor of DeVos place as early as next week. Then Dr. Black expects the Qualtrics survey to open up again, allowing for more people to sign up.

If you are interested in taking the survey to begin the process of volunteering, click on the health department’s link to the survey.

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