Use Peeps to make these Easter-themed creations

Posted at 9:24 AM, Apr 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-09 09:24:09-04

Maybe you don’t think they taste the best while others can’t get enough, but you can’t deny that Peeps candy are pretty darn adorable and colorful!
These colorful treats aren’t just for eating, you can make them into food art, too. Below are a few great ways to keep the kiddos entertained and perhaps use up some old Peeps hiding in the cupboard from last year.

Peeps Bunny Houses

Engineering at its finest when frosting, candy, graham crackers or sugar cookie dough is involved. You can create an open-air seating situation for your Peeps or a full-blown edible house.

Peeps Behind the Wheel

Did you know that Peeps could drive? Apparently so! Use a Twinkie as the frame of the car, hollow out a place for the seat, use a pretzel or small cookie for the stealing wheel and then use frosting to stick on what you wish as four wheels.

Peep Huts

This is going to be the simplest one, yet keep the kids entertained. You’ll just need graham crackers, coconut, green food coloring, frosting, Peeps and some kind of candy for the eggs, if you wish.
Have fun and Happy Easter everyone!