Tips for Michiganders preparing for the winter storm to come

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Posted at 12:21 PM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-01 12:21:08-05

(WXYZ) — There are a lot of people at home who will be clearing their driveways and sidewalks the old fashion way.

It gets the job done but doctors say it can put certain people at risk for back injuries and in some cases heart attacks.

Miller Haymr is preparing for what could be the biggest snowfall of the year. He kept his family in mind during a trip to the store.

"You know I got my daughter too. I got to put some salt around her house too," Haymer said.

Early forecasts predict 10-14 inches of snow in some parts of metro Detroit.

"It's been hectic," Assistant Manager at Greenfield Supply Center Daniel Genorde said. "We've been slammed with plow trucks, salt spreaders."

Staff at the Greenfield Supply Center say if you're planning to bust out your snowblower, give it a test run first.

"Try pulls starting it a couple times if it doesn't. Drain the fuel, get fresh fuel in it," Genorde said.

If it still seems off, some stores will put a rush on service.

"If you have a way to bring it up to us that's the quickest we can take those units, go through them and try to get them back to you in a timely manner," he said.

Shoveling works fine too, but it's hard on your body.

Doctor Sam Kazziha says smokers and people with a history of heart disease should be extra careful.

"It's not unusual after a snowstorm that we will have a couple patients the next morning with heart attacks," Kazziha said. "Try to use a smaller shovel and give yourself breaks every 15 minutes."