Spectrum’s telehealth booming nearly one year into pandemic

Posted at 10:30 PM, Feb 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-23 23:44:12-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Spectrum Health says it began prioritizing virtual health all the way back in 2014, but who knew just how important and popular it would become so soon?

Within three weeks of responding to COVID-19, Spectrum says it had trained 1,600 providers and 1,200 clinical staff, and, due in part to the pandemic, conducted approximately 216,000 video visits in 2020.

“Learning this technology, whether in primary care space or a specialty space, has been really impressive at Spectrum,” explained Dr. Joel Lopez.

With a new partnership with TytoCare, the quality of care continues to grow, according to Dr. Lopez. “Surveying the providers that are using it, they feel from an 86 percent standpoint that the exam that they can do with this device is equal if not better than in office,” he explained.

TytoCare is a lightweight portable medical exam kit that allows doctors to perform even more in-depth examinations. “It’s an at-home kit that allows patients to utilize the video visits that we already have set up and then enhance the visit itself with the physician to obtain heart sounds, lung sounds, do an ear exam, and in-depth throat exam that is equally if not better than an in-office visit,” Dr. Lopez told FOX 17.

In the new world where we’ve all had to become more technology-savvy, Spectrum Health is making telehealth easy and keeping it at the forefront. Everything you need to know about Spectrum’s telehealth and TytoCare can be found on the Spectrum Health app or their website.

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