Safe gun company working to create guns that requires personalized authentication

Posted at 8:34 AM, Feb 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-09 08:34:35-05

(WXYZ) — "Instead of having people put their gun in a safe, we are going to put the safe in the gun," Gareth Glaser said.

Glaser is the CEO of LodeStar, a safe gun company that makes personalized guns using authentication technology.

Glaser says the gun works kind of like a smartphone and is designed to only unlock for authenticated users.

"All the data resides on the firearm itself. We aren't hooking it into the cloud. There is no GPS. A lot of gun owners fear that our technology could be tracked," Glaser said.

Historically, guns with this kind of technology can cost more than $2000, but Glaser says LodeStar's authentication gun would retail for just under $900.

One recreational gun user says that price is still too high. He is also concerned about the reliability of the technology.

"Cause to get something like that your life is depending on it," Willie Mccoy said. "And if you got something that's not going to work [and] it fails you at the wrong time, you're dead."

Glaser says the technology will be put be the test before hitting the market. In the end, he just hopes smart guns will prevent gun-related accidents and suicides, especially in children.

A comprehensive report from the state found that between June 2020 and January 21, 20 Michigan children have been killed due to improperly stored guns.

Just this week Detroit Police said a 2-year-old shot himself with a gun he found under a bed at home.

Willie Mccoy agrees that this is a problem.

"You gotta keep it locked up away from them because if you don't things happen. Tragic things," he said.

Glaser says the development of this technology is not about gun control but rather safety innovation.

Attorney and gun shop owner Bill Kucyk says smart guns could be a great tool in theory, but manufacturers will have to battle widespread political opposition.

"Some people are afraid because they think it's going to put more guns on the market because people who wouldn't buy a handgun now might be inclined to buy a smart gun."

While on the other side of the coin, some fear it will infringe on their second amendment rights.