Whitmer calls for special election to fill vacant House seats

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Posted at 9:48 AM, Dec 14, 2021

LANSING, Mich. — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sent a letter to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on Tuesday calling for a special election to fill three vacant seats in the state’s House of Representatives.

These vacancies were caused by the election of Reps. Douglas Wozniak and Mark Huizenga, who previously represented the 36th and 74th Districts, to the Michigan State Senate and the death of Rep. Andrea Schroeder, who represented the 43rd District.

“As a state, it is critical that we take the appropriate steps to ensure that all Michiganders are fairly, justly and equitably represented at all levels of government,” Whitmer said in her letter. “By calling a special election, we can ensure that those vacant seats are filled and that the constituents of 36th, 43rd and 74th districts have a democratically elected representative working for their best interests in Lansing.”

Benson said in a news release Tuesday that her department is ready to work with local and county election officials to implement special elections this spring.

“Filling these partial terms before districts change will assist election officials in an orderly redistricting process and 2022 election cycle,” Benson said.

The governor called for a special primary election to fill the vacancies to be held on March 1, 2022, and the general election to be held on May 3, 2022.

Whitmer’s letter did not address the expected vacancy in the 15th District of the Michigan House due to Rep. Abdullah Hammoud’s election as mayor of Dearborn.

Once Rep. Hammond resigns from his current position, Whitmer says she expects to issue a separate call for a special election with this same timeline to fill that vacancy.

Read Whitmer’s full letter here.