Rep. Huizenga feels 'fine,' symptom-free after testing positive for COVID-19

Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI 2nd District)
Posted at 9:15 PM, Oct 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-14 21:18:46-04

With all intention of taking part in Vice President Mike Pence’s Grand Rapids rally Wednesday, Representative Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland, had his day cut short after testing positive for COVID-19.

“Complete surprise, I had no inkling that I would be getting this, but we've got to take this seriously. We have been trying to employ all of the commonsense measures that most people are doing,” Huizenga said in a Zoom interview with FOX 17.

Huizenga immediately went into isolation, canceling other campaign events like a scheduled debate against Democratic challenger Bryan Berghoef.

"I'm at this point very disappointed, obviously because we had a debate tonight, the presidents is coming in on Sturday we have a lot of campaign events that had been scheduled. At this point, I’m isolating from my family and everybody else and we're just going to make sure that we're taking care of this,” Huizenga added.

His positive test would make him the first Michigan member of congress to have COVID-19

“I think all of us, including myself, have friends or family members somebody that we know that has gone through this and I've known people who have had passed away from it, and I know people who literally never felt a symptom,” Huizenga said.

“Obviously this is a very, very strange virus that affects people different ways. And that's part of why we need to get research done on it and, and make sure that we're tackling this,” Huizegna added.

Huizenga’s positive result came from one of the rapid tests, he’s taking a more accurate PCR test soon to confirm the results.

His challenger Bryan Berghoef also wished Huizenga well on Twitter, and provided FOX 17 with the following statement:

"I was very sorry to hear that Rep. Huizenga has joined the over 7 million Americans to test positive for COVID-19. My heart goes out to Bill and his family, and Christy and I will keep them in our prayers. I wish Bill a speedy recovery. As we've seen for months, this disease does not discriminate. From our elected leaders to our children, no one is immune. Until we face this problem together as a nation, we will not be able to move forward in our work and our lives. I look forward to a conversation on the issues with the congressman, if and when his health permits. But until then, the health of Rep. Huizenga, his family, and our entire community is our top concern."