How much support would Chief Craig receive from Detroiters in potential run for governor?

Posted at 9:15 AM, May 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-09 09:53:27-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Reaction from Detroiters on Saturday, roughly 24 hours after hearing reports that their police chief may be making a run for governor. Sources tell 7 Action News the chief plans to make the announcement and retire from the department on Monday.

"He's been doing a great job, so if he wants to run for Governor I'm all for it,” said Detroit resident John Frederick.

“I'm surprised that he’s going to run for Governor, I always thought he was wanted to be the Mayor,” said Detroit resident Adolph Mongo.

In more than seven years as chief, Craig has become well known throughout the city and metro Detroit. Some feel the recognition will translate to votes.

“Yeah I think he would get a lot of support," said Lauren Newson. "I feel like right now in the City of Detroit and the work he’s doing, he has a lot of support from a lot of local people in the area.”

But not all are so convinced the support from Detroiters will carry in an election, especially if there's an "R" next to his name.

“He's gonna have a hard time," Mongo said. "He’s gonna have to embrace Donald Trump and all the other folks around the country that’s suppressing votes and passing all kind of Jim Crow-era laws.”

Sources say Craig would run as a Republican, challenging current Governor Gretchen Whitmer who got 94% percent of Detroit ballots in 2018. The City has gone strongly democratic in the last 3 races for Governor, where no republican got more than 7% of the vote.

“The community that he usually serves, are they going to be on his side,” wondered Antione McCoy. "The first thing I thought was, is he going to get the same support he’s getting now?”

One of Craig’s biggest supporters in the city, Democratic Mayor Mike Duggan, established what side he’ll be on come 2022.

“I know for sure, whoever is running, I’ll be supporting Gretchen Whitmer,” Duggan said.

If Craig becomes the Republican nominee for Governor his support in the City may show up in the vote totals, but whether it will be enough to impact the result remains to be seen.

"Eh, he’ll get some votes out of here, but i don't think he’s gonna get over 15%,” Mongo said.

"I do think as far as voting that governor Gretchen Whitmer, she still would take most of the votes,” McCoy said.