Nazareth Post Office expects more Christmas cards this year for annual cancellation due to pandemic

Nazareth Post Office - Special Christmas Cancellation
Posted at 2:12 PM, Dec 03, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-14 20:21:06-05

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A west Michigan post office is back again this year with their annual Christmas card project, and this year they're expecting an increase due to the pandemic.

A star rising over the nativity scene is the stamp people will get this year if they bring their cards to Nazareth Post Office to get canceled.

The postmaster said in the first two days, they already received around 2,800 cards and are expecting a lot more.

"Every year as a collector, I will get a Nazareth cancellation with a Christmas stamp that the post office puts out. I will add that to my collection," said Paul Matyas, a stamp collector and the treasurer for the Kalamazoo Stamp Club.

It's the 35th year the Nazareth Post Office is holding their annual special Christmas card cancellation.

Matyas said it is a tradition for many families.

"We get collectors from around the world, around the United States and even Canada. In part, they will send letters or envelopes to us with the stamp on it, and they will request that a cancellation be placed on it. Some of them even request that the cancellation be dated for maybe Christmas Eve or Christmas Day," said Matyas.

The postmaster for the Nazareth Post Office said last year they received around 30,000 cards. This year, she believes it'll be a lot more because families can't see each other.

"I’m thinking 35,000 to 40,000. I mean it was as high as 55,000 back in 1985 but that has dropped a little bit. I think though due to the virus, people are going to do more Christmas cards this year," said Nazareth Post Office's Postmaster Terri Sootsman.

While it started locally, Sootsman said they receive Christmas cards from other cities and even countries from people who want their stamp canceled.

"We are the only one in our area that does it. Other cities in America do it that are named for example ‘Christmas’. There is one up in Michigan that is called ‘Christmas’ and other cities that have a Christmas type name for their city," said Sootsman.

If you would like your Christmas cards canceled with the Nazareth stamp, you can bring them directly to the Nazareth Post Office.

You can also mail your already stamped and addressed cards to the post office in a large envelope with a request inside asking for them to be canceled until December 23.

Their address is: 5073 Gull Road, Kalamazoo, MI, 49048.