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Disney's college program has 'gender-neutral' housing option

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Posted at 9:27 PM, May 10, 2021

When Walt Disney World welcomes back college students later this year, participants will be able to live in what the theme park is calling gender-neutral housing.

Previously, participants in their college program could live in either all-girls housing or all-boys housing. Their website now says participants can choose to live in gender-neutral housing allowing them the option to live “with whomever they choose, regardless of their gender.”

The college program at Disney is a popular work study program that allows college students to work at Disney World for a semester. In previous years, more than 10,000 students were invited each year to participate.

“The Disney College Program has always been a source of optimism and pride for our company with participants who each bring new ideas, talents, and perspectives to the table. While that won’t change, we are evolving our Disney Programs to reflect the new world around us,” the company said at the time they announced the program was coming back.

Disney announced last month they were also making changes to some of the staff dress code rules to be more inclusive.

The new policy allowsfor gender-inclusive hairstyles, jewelry, differing nail styles, varying costume choices, and appropriate visible tattoos.