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Barbara Corcoran apologizes after body shaming Whoopi Goldberg

Barbara Corcoran
Posted at 7:47 PM, Oct 08, 2021

Barbara Corcoran publicly apologized to Whoopi Goldberg for comments she made on The View.

"I made a joke at Whoopi's expense, which I now realize was not funny," Corcoran said in a video posted on Twitter. "For anyone who I may have offended unintentionally, I just want to say I really am very sorry."

Corcoran made the joke while discussing an "all-inclusive" clothing company whose CEO will appear on "Shark Tank."

Goldberg said she wondered if she would fit into a pair of the company's jeans because she gained weight during the pandemic.

"When you get finished with those jeans and decide you don't like them, give them to me," Corcoran responded. "I'm gonna make two pairs."

In response to Corcoran's apology, Whoopi wrote, "Barbara, we have been friends forever and I know your humor, I knew you were kidding."

Corcoran praised Goldberg for being a "class act."