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Shelled city in north Ukraine fears becoming 'next Mariupol'

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Posted at 5:33 PM, Mar 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-26 17:33:12-04

LVIV, Ukraine (AP) — The northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv has been holding out against Russian forces since the early days of the invasion.

But the city located not far from the border with Belarus on the road to Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv is surrounded, and the suffering of residents who haven’t been able to flee is mounting.

A 38-year-old linguistics scholar spends his nights in a bomb shelter and mornings lining up for rationed drinking water. He says residents fear Chernihiv will succumb to the same fate as besieged Mariupol in the south.

Russia continues to pound other cities, too, with explosions ringing out Saturday near the western city of Lviv, where an estimated 200,000 displaced Ukrainians have taken shelter.