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National Ditch Your Resolution Day is Coming

New Year's Resolution
Posted at 5:28 PM, Jan 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 17:28:21-05

NATIONAL — New Year's Resolutions are a time-honored tradition; a chance to start over, to convince ourselves this time we will be more committed to lofty goals of health, wealth and prosperity.

Only more reliable than making a resolution is the day we inevitably break down and let our slovenly, procrastinating past-selves shine through.

Since we have a day set aside for making resolutions, the only logical thing is to have one to celebrate breaking them... right?

That's where websites like TimeAndDate.Com or DaysOfTheYear.Com help us all. According to both daily event trackers, January 17th is the official date we can all relax our standards; skip the work out, eat the snack, put off that project, and call your ex...

Don't call your ex. Call anyone else.

You might be thinking about quitting now, but you've worked really hard for 2 whole weeks. What's 3 more days? You can do it!

If you're not ready to give up yet, we applaud you. You're probably one of those people who made a reasonable goal and approached it with manageable expectations.

We're guessing you started with something specific and small, giving yourself a definite time-frame with lots of motivation. You probably even took on a partner or made some way of keeping your self accountable. If this sounds like you, then let the 17th pass unrecognized. Or make it a cheat day if that's your thing, but you should definitely hit it hard again on the 18th.

For those of us who bit off more than we could chew -- again -- it's time to grab a snack and hit the couch.