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Detroit woman dies from coronavirus after giving birth to healthy son

Posted at 12:17 PM, Dec 06, 2020

DETROIT (CNN) — A Detroit family and California relatives are enduring both life and death after a 33-year-old woman died from COVID-19 not long after giving birth to a son.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Erika Becerra was eight months pregnant when she was diagnosed with the coronavirus about three weeks ago. Labor was induced on Nov. 15 and she gave birth to a healthy son -- Diego Antonio Becerra.

Relatives said Erika Becerra's health started declining soon after the birth and she was never able to hold her baby. Becerra died Friday night in Detroit.

Becerra grew up in East Los Angeles and had moved to Detroit recently.

She leaves behind a husband, a 1-year-old daughter and the newborn son.

Here's a Go Fund Me for Erika Becerra and her family: