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Rainbows Over Michigan spread joy to the community

Posted at 9:29 AM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 09:29:54-04

Any ounce of positivity on Facebook wipes out pounds of negativity, in my opinion. For a while now, I have been following a group called Rainbows Over Michigan. I am that person that runs outside after a storm to look for the rainbow and that is the whole significance of this group. They use the rainbow as a way to bring joy during our COVID-19 storm.

What do you see on this Rainbows Over Michigan page? Anything rainbow-related, including amazing chalk art, window paintings, dogs wrapped in rainbow blankets, people dressed in silly rainbow themed outfits, rainbow clothing, babies in rainbow themed items, rainbow food and so much more! I look forward to seeing and interacting with the posts and I know you will, too.

So how did this whole thing start? Well, I was able to track down one of the co-founders, Coryn, who actually lives in New York! We connected via ZOOM for an interview. Come to find out, she is one of five moderators for this page that now has more than 196,000 followers! Coryn painted a rainbow in her window a while back, sharing it with the Rainbows Over Staten Island group and posting it on her personal page. Coryn claims the Staten Island group got the idea from Spain. Well, Coryn’s childhood friend, Cynthia, who lives in Michigan, just fell in love with the idea and together, the two created Rainbows Over Michigan on March 21.

When the page started, it was just their family and friends, but it quickly ignited a wave of energy in the Facebook world. Now, just shy of 197,000 members, it’s basically become a part-time job, Coryn said.

“It’s made me feel so happy every day, I can look at my Facebook and see all of these positive posts and I see little kids smiling while they are painting, the posts bring me so much joy.” Coryn added.

While some negativity does try to creep its way onto the page, the moderators are quick to notice and zap it right off. Anyone can post an uplifting rainbow related post, just keep it family friendly, light and clean, no bad language, etc.

So, how long will Coryn and the other administrators keep the page running? Will it stay after we weather the COVID-19 storm?

“We’ve had so much positive feedback in the group and people have asked us after this is over, whatever over is, unsure, will we continue; we’re considering it pending upon where life takes us.” She points out that right now three of the five administrators are laid off, so basically, they can handle the moderating for now.

If you are looking to be a part of something inspirational and uplifting, I highly recommend that you join the Rainbows Over Michigan page. Way to go Coryn, Cynthia and the others behind it.